Unbeatably Simple and Affordable

Get all the decisive advantages with the model that meets your requirements: especially easy operation and cleaning, short analysis times, reliably reproducible  results and the recording of additional parameters such as temperature and pH value during wet dispersion. State-of-the-art technology at an unbeatable price. Cleverly made!

At a Glance

  • Short measuring times, especially high measuring accuracy
  • Consistent reproducibility, reliable comparability
  • Solid and low-maintenance with few moving parts
  • Easy operation, quick and residue-free cleaning
  • User friendly

The current generation ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT operates like every FRITSCH Laser Particle Sizer to date with the Reverse Fourier design invented by FRITSCH which has established itself by now as a general standard. Your advantage: No additional optical elements are necessary between the measuring cell and detector. The design is compact with as few components as possible and has no moving parts – low wear and practically maintenance-free.

With the ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT the precise measurement of particle sizes becomes a simple matter – even for employees with brief instructions and no prior knowledge, e.g., in merchandise receipt or shipping departments, where its robust mechanics are an additional advantage. A brief introduction to the instrument is suffi cient; the rest runs automatically.

The complete evaluation of the particle size analysis takes place automatically with clearly organised results visible directly on the screen. Of course, you can also save and print out a report customised to your needs.

Reliable thoroughness

Due to its ultra-modern electronics, whose core are extremely fast, high-resolution converters, the ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT records the signals of all detector elements simultaneously. As a result, it always delivers the entire scattered light distribution at respectively exactly the same time and transmits it several hundred times per second to the software.

The ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT operates with only one laser and does not need an additional light source even for backward scattering. Therefore it records the entire measuring range with only one scan. That makes your work signifi cantly faster – you can conduct more measurements in the same time if necessary. And see live how the measuring result develops.

Particle size determination using laser diffraction is based  on fundamental physical principles, meaning that, strictly speaking, calibration of the instruments is not necessary. Nevertheless, the operating mode should be inspected regularly to ensure proper function. Various reference materials are used for this permitting a simple, quick and reliable check of the entire system for different applications and particle size ranges.

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