CEM Discover® 2.0 Microwave Synthesizer

The Discover 2.0 is the premier microwave reactor for performing any organic or inorganic synthetic chemistry. Featuring a best-in-class 300 mL single-mode microwave cavity and intuitive software with a 10” touchscreen interface, it is possible to program a reaction in seconds and achieve the best synthetic yield in minutes.

If your organisation currently owns a Labmate, Benchmate, Discover S, or SP Microwave, you’re entitled to an attractive 10% discount off the price of a current model Discover 2.0 if you trade it in.*


  • Widest pressurized vessel sizes for a single-mode microwave – 10mL, 35mL, 100mL
  • IR Temperature Sensor that sees through glass and Teflon® (iWave®)
  • Vent and reseal technology for safe handling of over-pressurization (ActiVent)
  • Variable speed magnetic stirring and rapid compressed air cooling
  • Upgrade options: Autosamplers – 12/48 positions; Gaseous Addition, Sub-ambient temperature, Flow cells

Temperature Sensor
Revolutionary, patented, floor-mounted temperature sensing provides volume-independent and in-situ temperature measurement without delicate thermocouples. This design ensures the most accurate temperature measurement and widest chemistry flexibility with the lowest cost of ownership.

Scout and Scale Reactions
The largest high pressure/temperature range of any reactor, standard. Perform exploratory chemistry at 200 uL and scale up to 100 mL.

Reaction Recording Included
Fully integrated camera allows researchers to monitor and record reaction progress.

Self-Tuning, Efficient Microwave Cavity
Take the guesswork out of ensuring the reaction is positioned correctly every time, no matter which vessel you use. As the reaction progresses, the microwave energy distribution adjusts automatically for changing chemical properties to optimally heat the reaction.

ActiVentTM Pressure Device
Patented pressure management technology allows for programmable reaction venting to relieve gaseous byproducts. This safety feature increases reaction scope and yield while eliminating vessel failures.

Electromagnetic Stirring
Homogenize your reaction mixture for the best synthetic results and consistency. Fully adjustable.

Compressed Air Reaction Quenching
Rapid cooling upon reaction completion allows safe handling in less than a minute. Superior performance to fan-based systems.

Standard Operating Specifications

  • 40-300 °C reaction temperature programming
  • 0-435 psi (30 bar) reaction pressure
  • 900 W installed magnetron (300 W output)
  • Sealed reaction volumes from 0.2-75 mL
  • 10, 35, and 100-mL reaction vessels
  • Reflux reaction volumes up to 95 mL
  • 5-125-mL round bottom flask
  • Programmable stirring from 0-1600 RPM


  • Autosampler 12 and 48 position. Use your old Explorer Autosampler on new Discover 2.0.
  • Gas Addition Kit
  • Coolmate for sub- ambient temperature reactions -80 to +50oC
  • Discover Bio washing station for peptide synthesis
  • Enzymatic digestion

*Offer valid until December 31, 2020.