Pulverisette 19 (Cutting Mill)

The Fritsch Pulverisette 19 is utilised to finely mill cannabis plant material in preparation for SFE processes. The efficient and precise reduction in particle size optimizes oil output and formulation. A bottleneck often encountered is the packing density, or lack thereof, of cannabis plant material in the extraction vessel. Low packing density leads to a decrease in extraction efficiency and increase in output variability. Non Milled cannabis plant material generally experiences packing densities of 100-125g/l, whereas milled material packs at 225-250g/L.


  • Variable-speed motor 300-3000rpm
  • Designed with GLP/GMP processes in mind
  • Adjustable, controllable particle size output with tight particle size distribution
  • Reproducible performance regardless of end-user
  • Dust-free, easy to clean – stainless steel product contact surfaces
  • Cyclone sample collection system provides heat mitigation and prevents resin build up.
    – Heat Mitigation- Maintain chemical profile & product integrity


Pharma Kit (GMP lab/production)

  • Variable speed 300-3000rpm mill
  • All stainless-steel unit
  • Straight blade Rotor
  • Set of three sieve cassettes (2,4 and 6mm)
  • 60L collection vessel
  • High Performance Cyclone Separator
  • Aluminium Stand with Casters
  • Vacuum Supply for Cyclone

CO2 Kit (for fine cut <1mm)

  • Variable speed 300-3000rpm mill
  • V-Blade Rotor
  • Set of three sieve cassettes (1, 2 and 4mm)
  • 60L collection vessel
  • High Performance Cyclone Separator
  • Aluminium Stand with Casters
  • Vacuum Supply for Cyclone

Ethanol PreRoll kit  (for 2-4mm cut)

  • Low speed mill (300rpm)
  • V-Blade Rotor,
  • Set of three sieve cassettes (4,6, and 8mm)
  • 60L collection vessel
  • High Performance Cyclone Separator
  • Aluminium Stand with Casters
  • Vacuum Supply for Cyclone
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500+ g per-minute dried flowers avg. Individual performance may vary based on moisture content, size of flowers, and desired final particle size.

No. As continuous milling systems (vs. a closed batch system like a blender), the P-19 Cutting Mill and P-14  Rotor Mill do not exert any heat load on the Cannabismaterial. The precision cutting mechanisms ensure rapid particle size reduction with minimum exposure to physical damage.

Yes. All interior product contact surfaces are stainless steel. The cutting chamber opens up completely to allow easy access to all areas. Reducing the likelihood of accidental batch cross-contamination.

Pulverisette 14 (Rotor Mill)

Configured as a continuous milling system, the P14 allows continuous feeding of material and active removal of material from the rotor area typically within a fraction of a second. Becasuse the homogenization occurs so quickly and the material is actively removed, there is no time for frictional temperature increase to occur that could cause chemical degradation. Product contact surfaces are stainless steel, or food-grade plastic vacuum hose for the Cyclon and can all be cleaned thoroughly between batches to reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination.  Variable speed motor and range of sieve rings provides control of particles size output

  • Flower/leaf samples from 2g to 120+g
  • Isolate samples from 2g to 120g (up to 10kg/sample with optional cyclone collector)
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Pulverisette 11 (Knife Mill)

  • Create unform powder from various edibles samples. Capacity of 300+ g per sample, depending on material.
  • Embrittle edibles and samples directly in liquid nitrogen, and create homogenous powder (representative sampling) in minutes.
  • Edibles & samples up to 300+ g, depending on matrix
  • Flower/leaf samples from 2 g to 30+ g — using single-use grinding vessels in 10 ml or 100 ml volume
  • Create & save SOP’s
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