What Type of UV Light Kills or Prevents Mould?

Cole-Parmer Long_shortwave ULtraviolet Lamp 09817-22_John Morris Scientific

According to our in-house specialists, a shortwave ultraviolet light in the range of 280 to 100 nm can help kill mould and prevent its growth. Also, ultraviolet germicidal lamps can destroy bacteria, molds, yeast, and viruses.

Short_long-wave-UV-lamp;-4-watts,-254_365-nm-wavelengthShort/Long-Wave UV Lamp; 4 Watts, 254/365 nm Wavelength

Compact, short/long-wave lamp comes with two 4-watt tubes (254 and 365 nm). Each tube produces a distinct wavelength; no mixing of primary UV ranges occurs.

UV-Germicidal-LampUV Germicidal Lamp

Help prevent contamination in your research laboratories, food factories, and white rooms. These lamps emit 254 nm UV light, which is efficient for the destruction of bacteria, molds, yeast, and viruses. Tube life is approximately 2000 hours. Choose from models with intensities from 31 to 152 µW/cm².

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