Want More Accurate D445 Viscosity Testing?

Automated Viscometers Offer Faster Results

Cannon CAV 4.2 from John Morris Scientific

Advances in automated viscosity instrumentation offer labs of every size affordable tools for highly accurate, reproducible kinematic viscosity (KinVis) measurement. Manual D445 viscosity testing requires the operator to visually monitor and accurately record the time it takes for material to flow between two points in a glass capillary viscometer. With manual viscosity measurement, operator-to-operator variability significantly impacts result accuracy and sample throughput. Automation reduces operator-associated variability and improves data quality by using electronic meniscus sensors to read and record flow times. Full automation of all activities including sample loading, viscosity measurement, tube washing and drying, offers a significant opportunity for improvements in efficiency and productivity. It frees laboratory personnel to perform other critical tasks and provides greater consistency in sample throughput.

CANNON Instrument Company (USA), a leader in the field of viscosity since 1938, offers a range of viscometers with varying degrees of automation to fit every testing need and every budget. SimpleVIS is a rugged, low-cost, highly compact kinematic viscometer ideally suited for quick viscosity checks in remote, non-laboratory environments. The miniAV family of kinematic viscometers add data management, sample handling and  tube washing capabilities for laboratories with low to moderate sample throughput while the CAV family, including the new CAV 4.2 model, offer additional features and benefits to address the needs of higher throughput laboratories, such as the ability to test at multiple temperatures simultaneously.

Specialised viscometers address specific application needs. CANNON’s dilute solution polymer viscometers, including the miniPV-HX, are resistant to solvents and acids used in the polymer manufacturing process and can reduce risks associated with operator exposure. For customers performing used oil condition monitoring, CANNON offers the miniQV-X for high-speed, high-throughput viscosity testing that keeps critical equipment up and running.

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