Want to Choose the Right Filter? 5 Membrane Types


Used in research and quality testing, laboratory filtration products such as membranes purify or concentrate samples. Which one’s right for your application? Here are five types along with application information:

  1. Glass prefilter: One-step prefiltration and filtration. Offers high particle loading capacityCole-Parmer® PTFE Membrane
  1. Cellulose acetate: Sterilization and clarification of aqueous solutions. Has low protein binding
  1. Nylon: Filtration of organic and aqueous solutions. Offers low extractables
  1. PTFE: Sterilisation of gases and alcohols; cleaning acids, alkalies and organic solvents; venting purposes. Use for aggressive chemicals
  1. Nitrocellulose: High protein retention; microbiological analysis, wastewater treatment; sterilization of aqueous solutions


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