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Syrris Flow Chemistry Virtual event July 21 FCS 2015 virtual event

Join Syrris at the FCS Virtual Event  via computer, tablet or smartphone to access exclusive content and chat with scientists about flow chemistry requirements.

Date: Tuesday, July 21 from 5pm

Syrris Interactive Online Booth Flow Chemistry July 21

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  • Real-time discussions with flow chemistry experts to discover:
  • Access useful information: watch the latest flow chemistry videos, see publications that Syrris products have been featured in, download product flyers and have your questions answered via live chats with Syrris scientists.

FCS 2015 registration_Syrris

Chat online with a Syrris Applications & Product Specialist for the evening from 5pm-2am

Visit the booth to discuss advantages of modern flow techniques and how they can improve safety, quality and speed of your chemistry

How does the event work – why register? See how it works and why you shouldn’t miss this Flow Chemistry Virtual Event! VIDEO
FCS virtual event 2015

Syrris Flow Chemistry Products Syrris Asia flow chemistry_John Morris ScientificSyrris Asia flow chemistry systems: designed by chemists for chemists to enable the widest variety of chemical reactions and ultimate ease of use. Syrris Asia Flux for Electrochemistry_John Morris ScientificAsia Flux for Electrochemistry:
flexible, tuneable, continuous flow electrochemistry module.
Syrris Asia Cryo Controller_John Morris Scientific
Asia Cryo Controller:
high performance, ultra-cold cooling module for flow chemistry reactions.
Find out more about Syrris instrumentation from our
Automation Solutions team, contact us today on
Phone free call AUS 1800 251 799  and free call NZ 0800 651 700

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