Video: What are the benefits of Flow Chemistry using Asia?

Introduction to Flow Chemistry from Syrris

Watch this brand new video illustrating the flow chemistry benefits when using the Syrris Asia range of products.

In this demonstration, we discuss the advantages of flow chemistry compared to batch chemistry and the key principles of flow chemistry. We also show alternatives to using standard reactors in the form of the Asia Microreactor, Tube Reactor and Column Reactor and how they are beneficial in enabling successful flow chemistry reactions.

Watch the Video: Introduction to Flow Chemistry

Asia is a revolutionary range of advanced flow chemistry products from Syrris. Designed by chemists for chemists to enable the widest variety of chemical reactions and ultimate ease of use. The proprietary technology allows automated experiments with or without a PC.

Asia, from John Morris Scientific, offers maximum chemical resistance with an extensive range of temperatures, pressures, and reaction times on scales from mg to kg.

Asia Flow Chemistry Benefits

  • Perform a wider range of chemistries
  • Flexible to meet chemist needs (and budget)
  • Integration of synthesis, work-up and analysis
  • Safer and cleaner reactions
  • More reactions in less time
  • Maximum chemical resistance
  • Ideal for synthesis, rapid optimization and scale-up
  • Robust and easy to use

Asia Specifications

  • Reactor temperature: -15°C to +250°C
  • Liquid phase reactor volumes: 62.5μl, 250μl, 1ml, 4ml, 16ml
  • Solid phase reactor volumes: 0.7ml, 2.4ml, 5.6ml, 12ml
  • Pressure: 0 – 20bar (300psi)
  • Flow rate: 1μl/min – 10ml/min per pump
  • Residence times: 1 second to multi hour
  • Wetted materials: Glass, PTFE and PCTFE (stainless steel and hastelloy possible)
  • Mixing: Rapid diffusional mixing
  • Production volumes: micrograms to kilograms
  • Automatic leak detection: Asia can check itself for leaks before running
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