Using Evidence Drying Cabinet for Crime Scene Investigation

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Crime scene investigators need to gather evidence and ensure that it dries safely without DNA cross-contamination. Evidence Drying Cabinets provide you with a secure, ventilated chamber to dry out wet evidence which may contain biohazards.

Evidence Drying Cabinet Cole-Parmer 28616-02

Evidence Drying Cabinet

Just how does it work? An internal blower produces a flow of air to speed the drying process. HEPA and carbon filters filter the airflow exhaust and protect you from pathogens sometimes found in blood and body fluids. When air flow conditions are low, a filter alarm light alerts you to change the filter.

A key-activated UV light prevents DNA cross- contamination when transferring evidence into the cabinet. After the cabinet is disinfected and cleaned, the UV light activates to provide secondary decontamination by denaturing any remaining DNA left in the cabinet.

The cabinet’s interior floor is sloped to a drain to aid in clean up. A safety glass door maximises visibility and withstands UV exposure. The door may be secured with a user-supplied padlock or optional tamper-evidence tag to maintain chain of custody.

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