TURBOLAB 80 Tabletop Turbomolecular Vacuum System

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum plug-and-play turbomolecular pump system

TURBOLAB 80 Compact Turbomolecular Pump Systems by Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum

John Morris Scientific offers the Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum TURBOLAB 80, a new oil-free integrated tabletop high vacuum system that simplifies and accelerates the process of setting up experimental equipment and generating data.

The plug-and-play TURBOLAB 80 turbomolecular pump system arrives fully assembled and ready to operate at ultimate pressures down to 10-8 mbar. It combines a high-performance wide-range turbomolecular pump with a dual-stage oil-free backing pump, and a power supply in one compact package. Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum‘s detail-oriented design ensures the highest reliability, and the simplest maintenance.TURBOLAB 80 Compact Turbomolecular Pump Systems from John Morris Scientific

With outstanding ease of setup, and an extremely straightforward operator interface that ensures safe operation by a wide range of personnel, the TURBOLAB 80 excels in applications including spectroscopy, beam guidance, microbalances, sputtering and evaporating, surface physics, as well as general lab use.

The economical basic version offers manual control and optional pressure measurement and display; the full-featured version adds an automatic operation mode, indication and storage of operating parameters (including optional fore vacuum measurement), multi-language operation, graphical display of pressure/time response and an RS-232 PC interface. Vacuum gauges and a venting valve can also be installed.

The TURBOLAB 80 is equipped with Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum’s TURBOVAC SL 80 wide-range turbomolecular pump, which features integrated frequency converter, air cooling and splinter guard. Ceramic ball bearings ensure ultra-reliable, long-term operation; high-vacuum connections are made via DN 63 ISO-K or DN 63 CF interface. Pumping speed for nitrogen is 65 l*s-1.

Backing pump duties are handled by the dual-stage oil-free DIVAC 0.8 VT diaphragm vacuum pump. It achieves pumping speed of 0.7 m³ * h-1, and ultimate pressure of < 3 mbar. A TURBOPOWER 300 power supply offers 24 V DC supplement of the frequency converter; all required connections and sealing components are contained within the pump system assembly.

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