Think your MasterFlex Pump needs tuning-up?

Masterflex Pump Servicing

Heard any suspicious noises coming from your MasterFlex pump? Maybe performance is waning and unsure of the cause?
Might be time for maintenance if you experience any of these:

Cole-Parmer® Analog Control Metering Pump

  • Very little to no flow passing through
  • Abnormal fluctuation in pressure/flow rates within the system
  • Motor/pump head makes excessive noise
  • Motor/pump head is hotter than normal
  • Motor intermittently kicks out on overload
  • Abnormal wear with evidence of powder, dust, or shavings
  • Leaking of fluids

Instead of waiting for problems to show up, get involved in some predictive maintenance. Perhaps it’s time to take your pump off line.  Why rest the pump? It could be time for a rebuild. Manufacturers list average lifespans detailed under specified operating conditions.

Regular pump maintenance will keep it performing optimally and prevent unplanned shutdowns. Typically, this can save money by extending the service life of this equipment. Also, maintenance documentation can help you meet ISO and quality guidelines.

Rather than waiting for issues to develop, engage in predictive maintenance. Schedule time to take your pump off line and have it rebuilt based on the average time it should last under your specified operating conditions.

Got questions about pump maintenance? Contact our service support experts.

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