New JULABO CORIO CD-BC6 Heating Circulator

A new era of laboratory circulators for routine and standard tasks

JULABO CORIO CD-BC6 Heating Circulator_John Morris Scientific

CORIO heating circulators feature professional technology for high standards. These units facilitate internal temperature control in the bath tank or control of externally connected applications.

This new Heating Circulator CORIO C-BC6 is offered with a maximum filling volume of six litres and can cover a temperature range of +20°C to +150°C. With it’s heating capacity of 2 kW it is perfect for regular applications and routine work within every laboratory. The bath opening is 13 x 15 cm and 20 cm in depth. An all-in-one pump offers a maximum flow rate of 15 l/min and a maximum pressure of 0.35 bar.

The CORIO CD-BC6 is simple to operate, the display is vibrant and may be viewed even from afar. Key features such as the specially designed pyramids make sure that any condensation drips right back into the bath makes the CORIO CD-BC6 an superior instrument.JULABO CORIO CD-BC6 Heating Circulator_ John Morris Scientific

CORIO CD-BC6 may be utilised for external and internal temperature applications. The CORIO can be placed right next to an application, another unit, or wall thanks to it’s space-saving, compact footprint. Additionally when this device is in operation noise levels are low. With the integrated cooling coil this device is able to counter-cool the thermal fluid. USB connection allows the CORIO CD-BC6 to be operated in remote controlled by EasyTemp.

JULABO CORIO heating circulators are available in different sizes from four to twenty-six litres of filling volume. Additionally the CORIO range also features open heating bath circulators, immersion circulators and refrigerated circulators.

Key advantages:

  • Models for internal and external applications
  • Bright, white, easy to read display
  • Very quiet
  • Easy pump change-over between internal and external circulation
  • USB connection
  • High-quality bath tanks made of stainless steel with bath lid and drain tap
  • Integrated cooling coil for counter-cooling

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CORIO™ refrigerated circulators deliver greater cooling capacity. Conveniently located mains power switches make it easy to switch the circulator and cooling machine on and off. When in operation, the circulator fully controls the functionality of the attached cooling unit. The redesigned cooling units of the CORIO™ series have no side ventilation openings. This advantage is common in JULABO units and saves space on the laboratory bench. An extensive range of accessories, such as inserts, tubes, adapters, and more ensures that CORIO™ units are readily adaptable to individual applications.

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