New JULABO CORIO CD-BC6 Heating Circulator

CORIO heating circulators feature professional technology for high standards. These units facilitate internal temperature control in the bath tank or control of externally connected applications. This new Heating Circulator CORIO C-BC6 is offered more


How much do atoms vibrate in nanomaterials?

Practically all materials are comprised of vibrating atoms. These ‘phonons’ (vibrations) for example, are responsible for how an electric charge and heat is transferred in materials. Vibrations of metals, semiconductors, and insulators more


Looking for Four Affordable Rheometers?

What are Rheometers for? Measuring yield stress, shear stress, shear rate, creep or viscosity characterisation.  Check our the range of affordable Rheometers from Brookfield. Rugged construction for quality control, product development, materials more