Syrris Atlas chemical reactors: progressive modular product range

Atlas Automated Chemistry by Syrris_John Morris Scientific

Check out the new Syrris video about the modular Atlas product range. This demonstration features Dr Omar Jina, Chief Commercial Officer, with his overview of Atlas chemical reactors.

Find out how the Atlas range can be arranged into an extensive variety of different system configurations that satisfy your chemistry needs. Discover how Atlas reactors allow you to customise modules into the system your application requires.

Watch the video: Atlas Automated Chemistry

VIDEO Atlas Chemical Reactors by Syrris

This one of a kind Atlas lab reactor design allows for fast and easy to configuration changes from one to another without any tools required. Central to each Atlas system is the Atlas base that housing an impressive computer protected by chemically resistant mechanical and electronic connections. The sensor monitoring and control process parameters available through this base are pH, temperatures, turbidity, stirrer speed and reagent addition.

Read our brochure: Atlas Chemical Rectors

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