Save Water with Diaphragm Pumps

Vacuubrand Diaphragm pump ME 2 NT

Most laboratory water jet vacuum pumps consume around 250L of water per hour when used for 5 hours per day – that’s 312,500L per year. Consider how many water jet pumps are in your laboratory and calculate how much water is being used.

Vacuubrand’s diaphragm pumps don’t consume water or oil and don’t generate waste.

Due to greater performance under vacuum, Vacuubrand diaphragm pumps can replace multiple water jet pumps when used with our VACUULAN local area vacuum system. Unlike most water jet pumps which send pumped media into the waste water system, diaphragm pumps can protect the environment and laboratory staff by using solvent recovery technology.

Diaphragm pumps are available with ultimate vacuum down to 0.3 mbar and 12 m³/h – in a chemistry or aluminium design for non-corrosive applications. All pumps feature temperature safety cut-out switches. Gas ballast comes standard with the Vacuubrand chemistry pumps to improve performance when pumping condensable vapours.

Vacuubrand’s non-contact flat diaphragm design and unique encapsulated cylinder head design with stability cores provides long term performance stability and reliability. Vacuubrand’s wear part lifetime is up to 20,000h for VARIO models.

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