Robust Vacuum Measurement DCP 3000 Vacuubrand

Vacuubrand Vacuum gauge DCP 3000

John Morris Scientific is proud to introduce Vacuubrand’s latest generation vacuum gauge, the DCP 3000.

The DCP 3000 features outstanding corrosion resistant, gas type independent vacuum sensor technology. Revolutionary VACUUBUS communication technology allows connecting of up to 4 external gauge heads at distances up to 30m.

The wide measurement range of 1080 to 0.1 mbar makes the gauge perfect for general laboratory applications including vacuum distillation, vacuum drying, gel drying and “high” vacuum drying on commonly used Schlenk lines.

The gauge features an easy to read illuminated digital display with analogue trend indication. Data communication is possible via the integrated RS 232C serial interface. The optional vent valve helps convenient and safe venting of your vacuum application.

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