Reduced RSI Pipetting

Gilson Pipetman G

Gilson’s new mechanical, air-displacement pipette, the Pipetman G has been specifically designed to reduce the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). With a new piston assembly, low-force springs and high quality grease, the Pipetman G decreases pipetting force in both micro and macro volumes by up to 50% (when compared with the Pipetman Neo) making it the lightest pipette on the market in regards to pipetting force.

With two tip ejector styles, plastic and metal, the Pipetman G is ideal for both corrosive and non-corrosive samples. Both tip ejector styles are equipped with a clip ejector for convenient access to serviceable parts.

The Pipetman G is available in eight different models with volumes ranging from 0.2µL-10mL. Features include a colour-coded push-button that corresponds to matching Gilson tip packaging and universal tip holder that allows for a secure fit of most brands of tips.

Based on the Pipetman Classic, the Pipetman G offers the same robustness and accuracy users expect from Gilson.

Click here to view Gilson’s latest Application Notes Handbook

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