PulpVIS Portable Kinematic Viscometer by CANNON

CANNON PulpVIS portable viscometer_from John Morris Scientific

The CANNON PulpVIS portable viscometer presents an industry accepted, economical tool for rapid and reliable PULP viscosity measurement. This viscometer provides extraordinary temperature control which is essential to accurately measure pulp viscosity.


A single sample, field-portable viscometer with built-in TE cooling for testing pulp at 20°C or 25°C. It is simply used, robust and quick. Tubes that are offered will extend throughout the TAPPI viscosity range of 0.8 mPa·s (cP) to 190 mPa·s (cP) at 20 °C and 25 °C. PulpVIS is designed specifically for applications such as pulp & paper mills, production of cellulose, private and commercial test laboratories, plus academic research. PulpVIS viscometer is the recommended instrument when your laboratory demands high-grade viscosity measurements.

PulpVIS Viscometer Benefits:

  • Real Pulp Viscosity Measurement
  • per Tappi T230/PAPTAC G.24P
  • 20°C or 25°C as required by user
  • Report viscosity in centipoise (mPa•s) or centistrokes (mm2/s)

Extremely Easy to Operate

  • Touch screen based upon graphs
  • No menus, no additional switches, gauges or valves to adjust
  • Factory Calibrated
Every part of this PulpVIS system is supplied apart from your solvent and sample


Durable and Easily TransportedPulpVIS Portable Kinematic Viscometer by CANNON_John Morris Scientific

  • Most compact Capillary Viscometer in the market
  • Solid Bath (no liquid to spill)
  • Fully self-contained (no external PC)

Optional Equipment

  • Printer includes cable & power cord (P82.0067)
  • Digital Thermometer with probe (P61.5600)
  • Smart Probe that’s  Thin Size (61.5602)
  • Flied/Travel Case (82.1008)

PulpVIS Viscometer Features:

  • True Pulp Viscosity Measurement: per Tappi T230/PAPTAC G.24P
  • Automatic Sample Flow Time Measurement
  • Automatic Tube Cleaning
  • Reliable with only two internal moving parts
  • Graphical Touch Screen makes it simple to use
  • Small Sample Volume: 0.5 mL
  • Rapid Cycle Time: ~3 minutes

Read our brochure: CANNON PulpVIS

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