Portable Soil Respiration System modelled on EGM-5, PP Systems

Making speedy, precise and dependable soil respiration measurements out in the field couldn’t be simpler more economical.  PP Systems SRC-2 Soil Respiration Chamber with built-in temperature sensor connects directly to the EGM-5 for accurate measurement of soil CO2 efflux.  System defaults are built into the software and on-line instructions guide you every step of the way until the measurement sequence is complete and results displayed on a high resolution, touch display optimised for high sunlight. Data SRC_2 Soil Respiration Chamber_PP Systems EGM_5 accessories

Data is stored directly to a USB flash drive (memory stick) for convenient storage and transfer to your PC for further analysis.SRC_2 Soil Respiration Chamber_PP Systems EGM_5 accessories

Optional collars are available for use with the SRC-2 Soil Respiration Chamber.  Collars can be installed and left in place at your field site making it very easy to replicate measurements and reduce site disturbance.

SRC-2 Soil Respiration Chamber


150 (H) x 146 mm (Diameter)

EGM-5 Brochure with Accessories


Soil Moisture & Soil Temperature

Hydra Probe II_ACS044_PP Systems

The Hydra Probe II (Stevens Water Monitoring Systems Inc.) features a “dielectric impedance” measurement principle and it can be used with the EGM-5 for accurate measurement of soil moisture and soil temperature from a single probe.

 Soil Moisture Range

– 0-100% (dry to fully saturated)

Soil Temperature Range

– Range: -10-55 oC

– Accuracy: ± 0.3 oC at 25 oC

Soil TemperatureSTP-2 Soil Temperature Probe_PP Systems EGM_5 accessories


Our rugged STP-2 Soil Temperature Probe is available for use with the EGM-5 for accurate measurement of soil temperature.

Soil Temperature Range

– Range: – 0-50 oC

– Accuracy: ± 0.3 oC at 25 oC

Rugged Transport CaseRugged Transport Case PP Systems EGM_5 accessories


Safely store and transport your soil CO2 efflux system with our rugged transport case customised for use with the EGM-5, SRC-2 Soil Respiration Chamber and STP-2 Soil Temperature Probe.


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