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Around the world, pH is the most widely tested chemical parameter. From pH paper to popular pH meters, several methods are available for measuring this parameter. pH is measured for various processes including environmental monitoring, pharmaceutical production, scientific research, electronics manufacturing, and many other applications. For example, in textile processes, pH control is critical in ultimately impacting the quality of material and costs.

pH meters are the most accurate type of measurement and are widely used. Pocket-sized meters called testers are small, easy to use for fieldwork and relatively low cost. One step above the testers is handheld, portable meters. These often include additional features and can be found in laboratories as well as in field use. For stationary lab applications, benchtop meters provide more substantial data management and show readings on larger displays. ISFET (ion specific field effect transistor) meters have a silicon chip sensor rather than glass bulb electrodes. These meters are more often used in food production.

Why is pH important?
pH measurement is critical to a wide variety of industries that affect our everyday lives. Industries such as water and wastewater treatment, chemical production, agriculture, environmental monitoring, life science research, pharmaceutical production, and electronics manufacturing all rely heavily on accurate pH measurement for their processes. Consequently, pH is now the most widely tested chemical parameter in the world.

Oakton pH 700 Benchtop Meter with Probes and StandOakton pH 700 Benchtop Meter with Probes and Stand

  • Designed for today’s crowded laboratory benchtops!
  • Compact footprint is over 40% smaller than other benchtop meters
  • Large display permits easier readout viewing
  • Datalogging allows you to store and recall up to 100 data sets

Oakton pH 5+ Handheld Meter Kit w/ Case, Solns, pH/ATC Probe

Oakton pH 5+ meter kit with NIST-traceable Calibration

  • High ±0.01 pH accuracy at economical pricesOakton® pH 5+ Handheld Meter with pH Probe
  • Reads pH and temperature
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • All push button operation
  • Three-point pH calibration
  • Auto buffer recognition
  • Hold function; Auto-off
  • Use with most pH electrodes with BNC connectors

The microprocessor-based pH 5+ meter is OAKTON’s most economical portable pH meter, yet it gives you the same high accuracy and reliability of our other portable meters! Use this meter to take routine pH and temperature measurements. Meter includes a protective rubber boot that also acts as a meter stand.

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