PCB High Shock ICP Accelerometers

PCB Pyroshock testing Model_350D02_John Morris Industrial

Filtered, lightweight and hermetically sealed for harsh environments


  • Mechanically isolated and electrically filtered
  • Lightweight titanium construction
  • Hermetically sealed for harsh environments

  • Metal to metal impact
  • Nearfield & farfield pyroshock
  • Explosive bolts & stage separation
  • Impact tools

PCB Acceleration Sensing Technologies for Severe Mechanical Shock

Series 350 ICP® mechanically isolated, electrically filtered pyroshock accelerometers are ideal for measuring harsh pyroshock events such as found in, but not limited to, metal-to-metal impact, explosive bolts, impact tools, and stage separation testing. Series 350 shock accelerometers includes ranges of 5000, 10000, 50000, and 100000 g.

PCB shock accelerometers are specifically designed to withstand and measure extreme, high amplitude, short-duration, transient accelerations that characteristically exceed 1000 g. Mechanical isolation aids in removing frequency content above the useful bandwidth of 20,000 Hz , and minimises zero-shift associated with non-isolated accelerometers. Electrical filtering reduces signal ringing and clipping.

PCB shock accelerometers are hermetically sealed and case isolated for use in electrically noisy environments. Each pyroshock sensor is provided with a full scale Hopkinson bar calibration service at no extra charge, in accordance with MIL-STD-810G, Method 517, Change 1.

Read our White Paper: Acceleration Sensing Technologies for Severe Mechanical Shock

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