Now Online: ASTM D7621 Crude Oil Appendix

Stanhope Seta H2S-analysis-Crude-oil from John Morris Scientific

In a move towards standardising a method for the measurement of H2S in Crudes Stanhope-Seta, with support from the Industry, undertook a study to show that IP 570/ASTM D7621 can be modified to measure the concentration of H2S in stabilised crude oil.

As a result of the study, a Crude Oil Appendix to ASTM D7621 is now available online.
Find it here: Crude Oil Appendix to ASTM D7621

ASTM D7621 crude oil appendix 2015

H2S Analyser with Vapour Phase Processor (VPP) for Marine Fuels and Crude Oil IP 570/14A, ASTM D7621, ISO 8217:2010

Testing Solutions for H2S in Crude Oil

The Crude Oil Test Kit (SA4021-0) allows the H2S Analyser to be used with the Vapour Phase Processor for testing Crudes and provides a very cost effective test giving repeatable results even at low gas levels.

Watch this demonstration video: Seta H2S Analyser with vapour Phase Processor

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