New range of StableTemp Laboratory Convection Ovens by Cole-Parmer

Efficient and economical ovens for every laboratory application

Cole-Parmer StableTemp Digital Mechanical Convection Oven 52412_80

A brand new range of Cole-Parmer StableTemp Laboratory Ovens offers researchers and scientists several options to enhance their processes. Designed for pharmaceutical, chemistry, biology, forensics, and environmental labs, ovens dry and process samples, remove solvents or waters, and provide heat and stress testing.

Digital Mechanical Convection Ovens quickly dry and heat samples. Save time with fast heat-up and uniform temperature throughout the chamber for greater drying efficiency. Program and control through PC, if desired.Cole-Parmer StableTemp Digital Mechanical Convection Oven 52412_80

Economy Mechanical Convection Ovens deliver forced air convection with PID temperature control. Include auto-tuning and calibration features typically found on more expensive units. Set digital timer up to 99 hours. Utilises a motorised fan to force air across heating elements and into the warning chamber. The fan allows for a more consistent distribution of air and is designed for applications in which good temperature uniformity or faster heatup/drying time are needed

Economy Gravity Convection Ovens provide gentle airflow for sterilisation and drying. Two adjustable vents control air and vapor circulation. Preset up to three settings for quick recall. Provide low cost alternative to mechanical convection ovens when temperature uniformity is not essential to the process. Ideal for applications in which a powder or substance that needs to be heated or dried could be disturbed by a fan-generated airflow.

Cole-Parmer is a leading global source of laboratory and industrial fluid handling products, instrumentation, equipment, and supplies. John Morris Scientific supplies Cole-Parmer product lines in Australia, New Zealand and the South West Pacific, including popular brand names such as Masterflex, Oakton, Digi-Sense, Environmental Express, Ismatec, and more.

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