NEW Portable Densitometer & Specific Gravity Meter by CANNON

Densi-H Handheld Density:Specific Gravity Meter by CANNON

CANNON Instrument Company has expanded its instrument offering to include a new handheld densitometer for affordable and convenient density and specific gravity measurement.

Densi-H Handheld Density/Specific Gravity Meter

John Morris Group is now suppling the handheld Densi-H Density/Specific Gravity Meter. Clearly this is CANNON Instrument’s most economical instrument to measure density and specific gravity. A light handheld unit, the Densi-H Handheld Density/Specific Gravity meter offers simple, single button operation and delivers results in a moment. Densi-H technology is based upon the oscillating tube principle delivering results with a couple of AAA batteries.

Common ApplicationsDensi-H Handheld Density Specific Gravity Meter by Cannon

  • Petrochemicals (solvents, fuels, fuel oils. lubricants, crude oil)
  • Chemicals
  • Food and beverage testing
  • Battery acid tests
  • Electroplating and photography
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics

Precision and accuracy in a compact, handheld design

  • Lightweight oscillation-type densitometer provides density, specific gravity and API degrees, Brix, % Alcohol, % H2SO4, °Baume, °Plato, Proof
  • Clearly visible measurement cell allows user to easily identify air bubbles or impurities
  • Simple to set the temperature correction coefficient before each measurement
  • Built-in API tables (product groups A, B and D) allow API compliant measurement for quality control of crude oil, gasoline, petroleum products and lubricants (ASTM D7777)
  • Operates on two AAA batteries

Simple, automated operation

  • Simple, simgle button operation replaces manual hydrometer methods and delivers results in seconds
  • Replaces 4 complete sets of hydrometers (w/w%, v/v%, US proof, UK proof)
  • Specific gravity is automatically calculated based on the density of water at the measurement temperature or at any other temperature
  • Backlit dot matrix display features large digits, plain language instruction and an easy-to-navigate user interface
  • The instrument features user friendly icon-labeled keys


  • Results transferred to a printer or computer using the optional Infrared/RS-232 converter
  • Adjustable sampling speed allows user to tailor to application needs
  • Internal memory stores up to 1100 results including sample identification, measurement unit, temperature correction coefficient, instrument identification, date and time
  • External syringe connection for use with samples of very high viscosity or samples that degas easily

Read our brochure: CANNON Densi-H Handheld Density/Specific Gravity Meter

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