New Masterflex L/S Digital Miniflex Pump Systems by Cole-Parmer

Delivering Accurate Low Flow Rates within a Small Footprint

Masterflex L S Digital Miniflex Pump Single Channel 300 RPM 07525_20

Compact digital pumps for low flow transfer and dispensing deliver the easy use interface researchers have waited for. The new Masterflex L/S Digital Miniflex Pump Systems are complete systems containing both a drive and pump head.

The precision digital drive offers a maintenance-free high accuracy motor and an icon-driven menu allows quick, intuitive programming and setup. The high-contrast graphical LCD shows operating parameters: flow rate, drive speed, continuous run, and copy dispense, allowing you to view pump performance continually. The brushless motor offers ±0.1% speed control accuracy with a 3000 to 1 turndown ratio for a wider flow range.Masterflex L/S Digital Miniflex Pump Dual Channel 300 RPM 115 230 VAC 07525_40

Dispensing features include a copy/repeat setting with programmable batch count and a programmable dispense interval that allows hands-free dispensing and filling. An integrated open-head sensor shuts down the drive if the pump head is opened while running. Remote control capabilities allow easy integration into automated processes.

Created for transferring, feed, sampling, or filling applications in laboratories and research settings, the new pump systems deliver repeatable low flow rates with flow ranges of 0.004 to 315 mL/min (depending on the model and tubing size selected). Pumps operate with continuous tubing to save costs by eliminating leakage and the need for fittings or connections, thus providing a cleaner fluid path. Single- and dual-channel models are available.

Cole-Parmer is a leading global source of laboratory and industrial fluid handling products, instrumentation, equipment, and supplies. John Morris Scientific supplies Masterflex L/S Digital Miniflex Pumps and Cole-Parmer product lines in Australia, New Zealand and the South West Pacific, including popular brand names such as Oakton, Digi-Sense, Environmental Express, Ismatec, and more.

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