NEW Low-Cost Water Quality & pH Meters from Cole-Parmer

Take basic readings accurately with a variety of handheld meters

Cole Parmer economical pH meter 59200_02

This brand new range of pH metersconductivity meters and turbidity meters from John Morris Scientific offers Cole-Parmer quality on a budget. Hydroponic gardeners, vegetable farmers, greenhouse workers, and environmental researchers now have an economical option for monitoring plant nutrients.

While the water quality meters are designed for general use, they also offer automatic temperature compensation and auto ranging features. Three to four calibration points keep readings accurate. These portable units include a protective rubber boot with a convenient fold-out stand for hands-free measurement.Cole Parmer economical pH meter 59200_02

John Morris Scientific ranges pH meters that are suitable for almost any purpose. Select your meter based on the requirements of your application. Pocket-sized testers are great for their low cost and small size. Handheld, portable meters typically offer more features than testers and are good for laboratory and field use. Benchtop meters are ideal for stationary lab applications typically offering larger displays and more robust data management than other types of meters. ISFET (ionspecific field effect transistor) meters are a unique subset of pH meter that utilise a silicon chip sensor in lieu of a traditional pH-sensitive glass bulb electrodes. This makes them perfect for applications where the presence of glass presents an issue such as with food production.

Cole-Parmer is a leading global source of laboratory and industrial fluid handling products, instrumentation, equipment, and supplies. John Morris Scientific supplies Cole-Parmer product lines in Australia, New Zealand and the South West Pacific, including popular brand names such as Masterflex, Oakton, Digi-Sense, Environmental Express, Ismatec, and more.

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