New JULABO CORIO circulator models CD-601 & CD-601F

CORIO CD-900F Refrigerated_Heating Circulator by JULABO from John Morris Scientific

John Morris Scientific announces new CORIO circulator models from JULABO superseding Economy series models and offers improved performance specifications and expanded functionality. CORIO circulators from Julabo simplify daily work and routine tasks in laboratories, such as during basic research or materials testing. The new series includes a variety of models ranging from immersion circulators, open bath circulators, heating circulators as well as powerful refrigerated circulators. An extensive range of accessories, inserts, tubes and adapters ensure that CORIO units are readily adaptable to individual applications.Corio Circulator CORIO-CD-601F by JULABO

CORIO circulator models CD-601F and CD-900F are available now offering exceptional value. With the addition of stepless, automatic adaptation of cooling capacity to the working temperature, they are very energy-efficient. With a working temperature range of -40 to +150°C and heating capacity of 2 kW, the new CORIO CD series is ideal for routine work and standardised tasks. Depending on the unit, the stainless steel bath tanks have a filling volume of 5 to 56 L. Pump capacity of all units is 15 l/min and 0.35 bar. As a result, these new refrigerated circulators have all the power they need to control the temperature of a wide variety of samples and applications.

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Read our brochure: JULABO CORIO CD-601F

Read our brochure: JULABO CORIO CD-900F

JULABO are industry leaders in the development of fluid-based temperature control supplied by John Morris Scientific. Their expert engineers and technicians help shape the market with new ideas and innovation. Experience and know-how allows JULABO to continuously improve products as needs evolve.

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