Need to control spills your Laboratory?

Laboratory Safety Spill Kit Cole-Parmer 86295-07 from John Morris Scientific

From dropping samples to knocking over fluids, spills happen in the lab. For spill control, do these two things to contain the spill:

  1. Identify what was spilled and
    2. Determine which products can clean it up effectively.

Here’s a guide:

  • Acid and caustic chemicals: Neutralise the spill with common neutralisers and solidifiers. Some kits also include personal protective equipment such as gloves, eyewear, and aprons to keep you safe during clean up.
  • Mercury: Use a kit with amalgamation powder for ease of disposal. Mercury Eater transforms mercury into a zinc amalgam which can be disposed of in a landfill
  • Biohazards: Collect material with special disposal bags and/or place in biohazard waste containers to limit exposure to biohazard/infectious waste .Labels on the bags and imprints on the containers clearly display biohazard warnings.

Laboratory Safety Spill Kit

Some universal spill pads withstand aggressive chemical clean-up, absorbing up to 16 times their weight in chemicals, water, or oil. Perforated spill pads are sorbent and effective for clean-up and removal of oil or water based liquids.

For large containers of material, secondary containment systems can be used to control spills. Drums are stored on platform systems with grating. Spills are captured in containment areas below the grating.


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