Multi Position Stirring Hotplates

2mag stirring hotplates

John Morris Scientific are pleased to introduce the brand new 2Mag line of Stirring Hotplates for general use in life science and chemistry applications.

The Stirring Hotplate comes with either six or fifteen powerful stirring points with up to 1,500 ml capacity and has a stirring speed of 100-2000 rpm. They feature 100% synchronised speed and jolt-free stirring even at low speeds. There are 4-step power settings, high power for viscous liquids and reduced power for long-term operation without any heating effects caused by the stirrer. The digital display has settings for stirrer speed, stirrer power and temperature of the integrated heater.

The hot plate has a maximum temperature of 200°C and features over-heating protection inside the plate. The plate is constructed from aluminium alloy and is PTFE coated for outstanding chemical resistance and easy cleaning.

There is a separate control unit for the operation of the magnetic stirrer and integrated heater.

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