Metering Pumps, I’ll give you five good reasons

low-flow-compact-metering-pump_Cole-Parmer from John Morris Scientific

Do you need a high degree of accuracy with precise volumes of liquid pumped in a specified time? Well a metering pump could be just the right answer. It discharges a known volume with every revolution or cycle. This pump transfers media in two phases:

Low-Flow Compact Metering Pump

  • Via the intake stroke, in which the inlet side of the pump is opened, the outlet side closed and liquid is pulled in to the pump cavity
  • Through the outlet stroke, in which the inlet side of the pump is closed, the outlet side opened and liquid is forced out

To achieve these five conditions, use a metering pump:

  1. High accuracy dosing or movement of media is required
  2. Flow rates are LPH or less
  3. High system pressure
  4. High viscosity or slurry media
  5. Pump needs to be controlled by computer, PLC, or flow proportioning

John Morris Scientific offers a range of metering pump categories, including diaphragm pumps, gear pumps, peristaltic pumps and piston pumps. We have options for laboratory, pilot plant, industrial use.

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