MasterFlex Pump Drive Dispensing Features

masterflex peristaltic pump dispensing

Masterflex® peristaltic pump systems offer digital drives with features designed for dispensing applications. These features add efficiency and convenience to your process:

Masterflex® peristaltic pumps

  • Dispense by volume—lets you program the volume to be dispensed for either single or multiple cycles
  • Dispense by time—allows you to run the pump at a programmed flow rate for a specified period of time
  • Copy—lets you program the number of dispense cycles or repeats
  • Dispense interval—an adjustable time delay between cycles, gives you ample time to reposition the tubing or filling accessory or to switch target vessels
  • Batch count—this feature allows you to program a defined number of batches; as the pump operates, the number of batches completed is displayed alongside the programmed total
  • Cumulative volume—displays the total volume dispensed over multiple cycles
  • Dispense by weight—requires an RS-232 or balance-compatible interface
  • Antidrip feature—briefly reverses the rollers at the end of the dispense cycle, further ensuring accuracy

Drive configurations include console, modular, and modular wash-down. Find out more about Masterflex tubing pumps and solutions for dispensing applications.

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