Masterflex L/S tubing pumps, what you need to know

Masterflex L S peristaltic pump from John Morris Scientific

Are you looking to upgrade your metering pumps? Peristaltic tubing and hose pump systems are designed for laboratories, manufacturing industries, plant and for field use.

Why MasterFlex pumps?

Peristaltic pumps use positive displacement to transfer fluids through a flexible tube fitted inside a circular casing. A rotor compresses the tube and as it turns, the compressed part (of the tube) pinches closed forcing the fluid to be pumped through the tube – this is known as ‘occlusion’.

Every day, Masterflex pumps are being used in these markets:
BioTech, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Cosmetics, R&D, Industrial & Manufacturing, Printing, Food & Beverage Processing, Water/Wastewater, Semiconductors, Textiles, Education through to Environmental.

What do I need to know to Select the Right Pump?

1.  Desired Flow Rate + What Fluid/s are being used
2.  Then we consider which system suits best

Most labs would use MasterFlex L/S systems. Why is that? The required flow rates  often sit within the range of 0.001 to 3,400 mL/min and L/S series offer fixed & variable speeds with high-accuracy.

What parts make up a pump system?

Pump Head + Tubing + Drive = System.  Watch this how to guide:

NEW TUBING –  Solveflex tubing is now available offering the highest resistance to strong acids such as THF.

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