Magnetic Stirrer for Cell & Tissue Culture

2mag BioMixDrive range of Magnetic Stirrers


2mag’s BioMixDrive range of Magnetic Stirrers is designed for careful and protective mixing of cell suspensions and culture media.

The BioMixDrive has a stirring volume of up to 5,000 ml.

The BioMixDrive can be submerged in water or used for temperature sensitive long term operation in CO2 incubators. It is suitable for culture flasks with spinning propellers and spinning ball systems.

The BioMixDrive offers 100% maintenance and jolt free stirring even at low speeds. It features a fully encapsulated, hermetically sealed, aseptically cleanable stainless steel housing and is water and dust resistant.

The BioMixDrive comes in three versions:

  1. BioMixDrive 1 – with one stirring position
  2. BioMixDrive 2 – with two stirring positions
  3. BioMixDrive 6 – with six stirring positions

The BioMixControl is an efficient 40 watt control unit for the BioMixDrive series. The control unit can be used to operate up to 6 x BioMixDrive 1, 3 x BioMixDrive 2 or 1 x BioMixDrive 6. The BioMixControl has a stirring speed of 100 – 2,000 rpm.

There are 10 power settings including high power for large volumes and viscous media, as well as reduced power for radiant, heat-free continuous operation. The digital display has settings for stirrer speed and power.

The BioMixControl features QuickSet for the quick setting of start and maximum speed and storage of last working status when turned off.

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