Low Flow Analysis Applications using Masterflex C/L Tubing Pumps

Peristaltic pumps for chromatography, spectroscopy, autoanalysis, flow cell or sipper

MasterFlex C L tubing pump hand

Masterflex® C/L® tubing pumps are a great choice for analysis and dispensing applications as these offer a combination of low flow in a compact sized unit. Use the C/L peristaltic pump series for chromatography, spectroscopy, autoanalysis, flow cell, sipper, or OEM purposes.

MasterFlex C L tubing pump

C/L Peristaltic Pump Snapshot:

The C/L single-channel pump connects easily to flow cells as an analyser feed pump in spectrophotometers, refractometers and other instruments. It’s highly accurate, with multiple rollers, continuous circulation and reduced pulsation. Use this with silicone tubing to in order to monitor fluid flow and biocompatibility.

The C/L dual-channel pump feeds two columns simultaneously when applied as a chromatography pump. Control the start/stop function remotely. The risk of backflow is eliminated by the non-siphoning multi-roller pump. This variable-speed pump accepts multiple tubing sizes for a wide flow range.

Why use the C/L?

Having low maintenance and simple controls, the C/L is worthy of consideration. It accepts continuous lengths of peristaltic auto-analysis tubing for clean fluid paths with minimal fittings or connections.

Flow rates from 0.002 to 43.0 mL/min is delivered with the single-channel model while the dual-channel model offers flow rates from 0.002 to 37.0 mL/min. For flexibility, the pump sits on your benchtop or may be panel mounted in your equipment rack. Find your manual controls on the front panel of the pump.

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