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Andre Wyzenbeek Managing Director

Andre Wyzenbeek, Managing Director

It’s Not About
The Box

We believe you need qualified advice backed by quality solutions, delivered in a timely manner and at a fair price.

We believe a great product and a globally competitive offer is only the beginning. Factors such as “cost-of-life” and the value of “human-capital” are crucial in a well orchestrated purchasing decision.

Many of our customers select John Morris over international or smaller web style businesses because we also offer:

  1. Maximum up-time through qualified local breakdown service support across Australia and New Zealand – Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne, ACT, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Auckland and Wellington.
  2. Industry trained specialists who can install your investment and help your team to generate valuable results quickly – or even train new members of your team on existing instruments from our range.
  3. Enhanced team safety and Australian compliance through electrical safety testing – included standard on every instrument we deliver
  4. The opportunity to actually try a product in your laboratory conditions prior to committing to a purchase
  5. A genuine product warranty backed by a stable organisation who will fight for your long-term partnership and not opportunistic wins

As the Managing Director of John Morris Scientific, it is my philosophy to only offer you the best products in each category. We will go the extra mile to ensure you and your team are happy with your selection.

We are proud of our reputation for reliability, care, and stability – especially in an environment where every competitor we started with has now exited the market or changed ownership on at least one occasion.

Above all I appreciate your decision to partner with John Morris Scientific and believe your choice to invest in a solution from our team is because you share our philosophy. Whilst a great product is important a final investment decision is not about the box.

Kind regards

Andre Wyzenbeek
John Morris Scientific