How can I Measure Noise Pollution? SoundTrack LxT N/Forcer

Larson Davis SoundTrack LxT N/Forcer from John Morris Industrial

When responding to noise complaints it’s difficult to seperate subjective opinion and emotions involved. Remove the guess-work and take on-the-spot objective measurements with an easy-to-operate Sound Level Meter from John Morris Group.

The Larson Davis SoundTrack LxT N/Forcer is specifically designed to be used by anyone whose job it is to take noise quality measurements in evidence, where adherence to local laws or other regulations is required.

When using this meter, no training in acoustics or sound measurement is required and an easy instruction manual is is supplied with each system. Get readings at the press of a button and press another for noise measurement print outs offering date and time stamp. Need to download data to a computer? Software comes supplied so it’s no problem. The SoundTrack LxT N/Forcer is a sturdy build with a high-performance backlit display that’s easy-to-read in day or night conditions. The Larson Davis range presents reliable and precise sound level meters. Depend on the quality noise data of an N/Forcer for admissions and reporting of evidence.

HighlightsSoundTrack LxT N/Forcer by Larson Davis

  • Adheres to applicable noise legislation stipulated by the EPA
  • Noise level results print out on-the-spot including time and date of complaint
  • Easily operated when held in one hand
  • High-performance LCD display
  • Weather-tough for all conditions
  • Printer, calibrator, and case come included
  • Available in Class 1 or 2


  • Local noise pollution and enforcing noise control regulations
  • Industrial/ environmental excessive noise
  • Neighbourhood nuisance noise complaints
  • Construction sites, stadiums, racetracks, outdoor entertainment etc.
  • Traffic/road noise and excessive car stereo complaints

Read the brochure: Larson Davis SoundTrack LxT N/Forcer

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