Homogenisation, Emulsification, Crushing & Dispersion – All with One Instrument


John Morris Scientific are pleased to introduce ART’s MICCRA series for homogenisation, emulsification, suspension, dispersion and crushing.

The MICCRA series can be operated hand-held or mounted on a post.

The MICCRA series includes:

The MICCRA D-1 – designed for homogenisation, emulsification, and dispersion of small volumes as well as shredding of human, animal or plant tissue in biosciences. The speed can be adjusted between 5000 rpm and 35000 rpm. The higher the speed, the finer the sample and the shorter the process time. The D-1 covers volumes from 0.1ml to 500ml. MICCRA offers disposable tools for infectious or radioactive samples or to simply prevent cross contamination.

The battery operated MICCRA D-3/PA is designed for mains independent operation in the field. This 350W battery drive has more power than most mains operated devices. The D-3/PA covers volumes from 100ml to 5L.

The MICCRA D-9 is a high quality / high performance drive designed for use in a wide range of industries including agrarian technology and cell biology. The speed can be adjusted from 11000 rpm up to 39000 rpm. The higher the speed, the finer the sample. The D-9 covers volumes from 0.1ml to 20L.

The MICCRA D-15 is a high quality and performance drive designed for high volume applications. The speed can be adjusted from 8800 rpm up to 33600 rpm. (The higher the speed, the finer the sample.) The D-15 covers volumes from 100ml to 50L.

MICCRA series tools feature a unique modular and economical design that fits every MICCRA drive. Simply change the rotor and stator without the need of special tools to optimise the tool for different applications. The shaft always remains the same. Tools are made from high grade stainless steel. Thanks to high precision machining their performance and lifetime are unmatched.

ART products are now being exclusively distributed by John Morris Scientific, within Australia, New Zealand and the Islands of Western Pacific.

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