High-Temperature Vacuum Ovens in two types

Electronic-controlled high-temperature vacuum oven, 0.67 cu ft, 240 VAC 05017-05

StableTemp® Electronic-controlled High-Temperature Vacuum Oven

StableTemp® Electronic-controlled High-Temperature Vacuum Oven

Vacuum ovens will dry samples without the oxidation or residue that may present with other ovens. High-temperature vacuum ovens offer precise, uniform control of temperature. Simple, safe operation is the hallmark of these two types of high-temperature vacuum ovens:

  • Electronic-Controlled Oven offers wraparound heating elements to ensure even heating. An electronic control back-up prevents overheating. The front panel controls include primary temperature control failure indicators, purge gas and vacuum control valves, vacuum gauge, and temperature control. Gas and vacuum system connectors on the rear panel let you replace air with inert gas. Glance through the window to view temperature on the dial thermometer inside the chamber.
  • Microprocessor-Controlled Oven provides self-diagnostic indicators, a back-up thermostat, and dual controls to prevent damage to samples. Program it for up to eight on/off cycles per day. The front panel indicators alert you to open thermocouple, open heater, or overtemperature conditions.

Vacuum Ovens  are used when lack of atmosphere or inert atmosphere is desired. Because heating must occur in a vacuum where there’s no air convection, it is accomplished by placing the sample on shelving within the unit so that heat radiates from side walls to the sample via the metal shelf.

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