Heating Torches used 4 ways

Microtorch Kit with Butane Canister03030-50 from John Morris Scientific

Heating torches offer you much more more than just soldering metals; they perform heat sealing in a variety of manufacturing, construction, and jewellery-making applications. The microtorch is especially handy, with a pinpoint flame that is adjustable for wider targets.

Microtorch Kit with Butane Canister 03030-50 from John Morris Scientific

Microtorch Kit with Butane Canister

Four ways to use heating torches include:

  • Heat shrink tubing and specialty connectors
  • Spot dry
  • Heating wax
  • Work with laboratory glassware and glass tubing

To do their job, these torches have flame temperatures that reach as high as 1300°C. You can select table-top models for laboratory and industrial uses or the convenient handheld portable models. All are self-igniting, butane fueled, and refillable. For application flexibility, heating torch flames can be adjusted from broad to pinpoint. We also offer a microtorch with a convenient kit for soldering and other common applications.


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