Got Condensation? Remove it from Your Lab

Cast Iron FloatThermostatic Steam Trap, In-Line Config. 34NPT(F), 125 psig 07600-52

Steam traps discharge condensate to provide greater efficiency in your lab. Essentially steam traps operate as valves to prevent valuable steam from being wasted, yet remove the unnecessary condensate. Generally, steam traps are energy-efficient and fairly economical.

Cast Iron Float/Thermostatic Steam Trap

Cast Iron Float/Thermostatic Steam Trap

Select from these configurations:

  • Thermodynamic, for drip applications, superheated steam applications, steam main drain and tracer lines, process equipment, laundry and kitchen equipment, outdoor installations subject to freezing
  • Thermostatic, for process and tracing applications, heat exchangers, air heating coils, and more
  • Inverted bucket for industrial dryers, storage tanks, laundry equipment, and steam main drip stations

Air eliminators improve the circulation of pressurized liquids by eliminating air and other non-condensable gases. They are used for suction lines to pumps, cold water lines, condensate return lines, mixing tanks, cool water lines on air compressors, and water storage tanks.


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