Got a false sense of security with Motor Vibrations?

Bearing fault detector 982B05 IMI Sensors FTR

We understand that you’re already monitoring motor vibrations with ICP® accelerometers.  

But you second-guess yourself….”Is that really enough? Am I taking readings often enough to catch quickly-progressing faults? Do I have the time and expertise to analyse separately the low frequency and high frequency data in order to capture the whole gamut of potential faults?”

The answer is MAYBE NOT.

Ease your mind by using the Bearing Fault Detector (BFD, Model Number 682B05) in conjunction with your existing 100mV/g ICP® accelerometer.  

The BFD provides:

  • Continuous monitoring of high frequency faults (i.e. bearing damage) with a 4-20 mA output signal based on true peak acceleration data
  • Continuous monitoring of low frequency faults (i.e. imbalance and misalignment) with a 4-20 mA output signal based on acceleration or velocity data scaled in terms of RMS or peak
  • Ability for in-depth fault analysis with a raw voltage output signal

Here’s how the BFD works. Try it out and get better motor protection!

Also, check out a white paper highlighting the use of Bearing Fault Detector, Model 682B05 – a new approach for predicting catastrophic machine failure.

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