Google Glass gives a plant health check in just seconds!

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Wow… scientists at UCLA’s California NanoSystems Institute have custom-designed a Google Glass Android app that, when paired with a handheld device, allows the wearer to quickly analyse plant  health without damage or the need for expensive lab equipment and training.

The app analyses the concentration of chlorophyll — the substance in plants responsible for converting sunlight into energy. Reduced chlorophyll production in plants can indicate degradation of water, soil, or air quality.

One current method for measuring chlorophyll concentration requires removing some of the plant’s leaves, dissolving them in a chemical solvent and then performing the chemical analysis. With the new system, leaves are examined and then left functional and intact.

The system, developed by at team led by Aydogan Ozcan, associate director of the UCLA California NanoSystems Institute, uses an image captured by the Google Glass camera to measure the chlorophyll’s light absorption in the green part of the optical spectrum.

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