Gilson’s New VERITY 1810 Conductivity and pH Monitor

VERITY 1810 Conductivity and pH Monitor by Gilson Inc

Gilson’s New VERITY 1810 Conductivity and pH Monitor Works with Virtually Any Chromatography System

Gilson has expanded its chromatography product line with the launch of the VERITY 1810 Conductivity and pH Monitor, an easy-to-use, compact device that can be integrated with virtually any chromatography system.

Systems for monitoring buffer conductivity and pH help guide optimisation of chromatography protocols by allowing researchers to monitor gradient formation, verify column equilibration prior to sample loading to safeguard against sample loss, and ensure salt content is removed effectively when appropriate. In particular, monitoring conductivity is crucial in the quality control of kit-ready oligonucleotides, which must be desalted following purification. What’s missing in the market? A universal conductivity unit. Gilson’s VERITY 1810 Conductivity and pH Monitor finally provides an independent option for scientists working with chromatography systems that lack these quality control functions.

Users simply plug the conductivity flow cell of the monitor into the fluid path and power up the monitor by connecting to a PC via the USB cable. From there, the system runs itself, drawing on Gilson’s established automation technology to monitor gradient formation. Researchers can record data from the monitor either through TRILUTION® LC, Gilson’s chromatography software, or through analog output to a third-party device, which allows the monitor to work with virtually any chromatography system. Further, when the monitor is run with the TRILUTION LC software, the sample can be desalted automatically, which is especially important in manufacturing where efficiency is paramount.

Ease-of-use also extends to Gilson’s conductivity flow cells themselves. Gilson pre-calibrates each flow cell so they can be used out of the box at both room temperature (25°C) and refrigerated conditions (4°C). The flow cells can be exchanged between units without impacting data integrity, allowing users to focus on their science, rather than instrument calibration. An optional pH flow cell is available for real-time pH monitoring, which when combined with conductivity monitoring, can save time and provide users with more information to aid their separations.VERITY 1810 Conductivity and pH Monitor


The microplate-sized footprint of the VERITY 1810 Conductivity and pH Monitor takes up minimal bench space. A front panel display provides a readout of conductivity, pH, and temperature readings in real-time. No special software is required for instrument control.

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