Genomic Research. Has your Lab got the right equipment?

The Human Genome Project Photo credit_Sliderbase_com The Human Genome Project. Photo credit: "DNA 2012"

Genomics is at the leading edge of research into understanding disease by genome analysis and sequencing. Given the great potential of  personalised medicine and genetic testing, the lab equipment described below occupies the labs of most genomic researchers.

From linking enzyme deficiency with faulty DNA replication and cancer to identifying a new metabolic disorder caused by faulty gene expression, genomics researchers continue to make strides in this scientific frontier.

For the Genomics Laboratory:

Centrifugal Concentrators for use with genomics including centrifugal filter units and concentrators

UV-PCR-Chamber for genomics research

UV PCR Chamber

Electrophoresis Equipment includes horizontal and vertical systems, power supplies, reagents, blotting systems and gel dryers

Hybridisation Incubators for genomics include Minidizer, rotisserie, and shaking styles

Imaging Products include autoradiography film, BioDoc-It, DigiDoc-It, MultiDoc-It, and PhotoDoc-It systems

Electroporation Products from electroporators, buffers, cuvettes, to microslides for use with genomic research and studies

Thermal Cyclers also referred to as PCR machines and DNA amplifiers feature the ability to run numerous PCR samples simultaneously. Some units incorporate a thermal gradient function allowing different temperatures to be applied in various parts of the block

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Chambers from UV, UV Class 100, and other PCR stations reduce airborne contamination

Additional PCR Equipment from chilling/heating/mixing blocks, microcentrifuges, spectrophotometers, and thermal mixers

PCR Accessories include cryogenics, PCR plates, pipettors and tips, sealing films, and vacuum pumps

UV Crosslinkers or systems for UV crosslinking of DNA or RNA to membranes or gene apping for creating cleavage-inhibiting thymine dimmers

Disclaimer: Cole-Parmer products are not approved or intended for, and should not be used for, medical, clinical, surgical, or other patient-oriented applications.

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