Freeze Drying Process Automation

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Operator interface technology has always been paramount and together with innovative cooling technology it forms the basis for technology leadership in the industry. Freeze Dryer handling has been optimised over decades and focuses on the modern processes of lyophilisation.

 To properly address diverse customer applications as best as possible,  operator interfaces are aligned precisely to the associated tasks and processes.
  • LDplus/CDplus is ideal for routine drying in round-bottom flasks and on unheated shelves standard laboratory freeze-dryers as well as evaporation tasks in our RVCs. The PC-based LyoLogplus software handles any necessary graphical process data recording.
  • LSCplus and Siemens S7 controllers (production freeze drying systems) are used for drying on temperature controlled shelves, which is usually more demanding.
  • Detailed process recording as well as system control with LPCplus
 Users get exactly the functionality they need, which is a prerequisite for intuitive operation without excess baggage.

The development tasks that must be dealt with in pilot freeze dryers applications require specific tools for process optimisation (see Processes).

Production freeze dryers should offer more than just comprehensive monitoring of ongoing processes – e.g. functions for quality assurance. Christ units feature fully automatic process control with direct parameter adjustment to give you optimal protection against spoiled batches of your valuable products.

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