NEW ECODRY Plus Dry Vacuum Pumps from Leybold

Quietest Vacuum Pump in its class

Leybold ECODRY Plus

John Morris Group announces the brand new ECODRY Plus fore-vacuum pump from Leybold Vacuum Germany.

The requirements for modern analytical instruments and systems are changing: users in laboratories and research facilities increasingly rely on low-noise, oil-free vacuum solutions to avoid contamination and, above all, unnecessary noise in laboratory environments.

With the newly developed family of dry-compressing multi-stage Roots vacuum pump ECODRY plus, Leybold has now launched a new fore-vacuum pump for the analytics market. The most striking competitive advantages: apart from its quiet and low-vibration operation, it features a modern, space-saving design with extremely powerful performance.

The basic idea of the ECODRY plus was to develop a clean, compact and low maintenance pump in the size class 40 to 60 m3 / h, as used in analytical or research laboratories. This pump class is positioned exactly in the transition area between small laboratory equipment and large machines. The most important innovation, however, is undoubtedly the reduction in the noise level that the Leybold developers were able to achieve. “We have managed to build the pump as compact, easy to operate and quiet as is otherwise known only from much smaller devices”, explains Alexander Kaiser, product manager of the ECODRY plus.

Furthermore the ECODRY plus was developed to match the requirements for systems such as mass spectrometers and electron microscopes. It is also suitable for large-scale Synchrotron accelerators due to the absence of dust or oil contamination. It offers a high degree of comfort, suction power and flexibility. The pump family, available in the sizes 40 plus and 65 plus, offers short delivery times and can also be obtained via the John Morris Group Online Shop.

The most important feature of this new vacuum pump range is the extremely low noise level. With an average value of 52 dB (A), it works below the noise limit that is harmful to human health. The sound level of the ECODRY plus is below a conversation at room volume. In every day operation and compared to the relevant competitive products of its class, the pump, which is designed for ergonomic working environments, yields the lowest noise emissions.

Such low values are the result of an ingenious development and construction strategy. Integrated into the pump housing, the ECODRY offers sound insulation, an optimised silencer in the exhaust and a quiet air cooling system. At Leybold, the insulation is installed as standard.

The non-contact rotor design is not only designed for a whisper-quiet operation, but also for energy-efficiency and low vibration. In order to be able to produce high-resolution images, (i.e electron and scanning tunnel microscopes) the pump must not transmit vibrations. The elementary feature is that the rotors and the housing rotate without friction even at high speeds of up to 12600 min-1. In addition, as measured by industry-standard solutions, it generates less heat, which means lower operating costs for air-conditioning.

Typical Applications for the ECODRY Plus

As a result of the engineering breakthroughs, the ECODRY plus is also one of the lightest and most compact vacuum pumps in its class. Users appreciate this feature, as systems for research and development have to deliver their performance in a narrow space. Concerning performance, this pump range was designed to deliver what is needed for the relevant applications. “This is why we were able to design compact mechanical components and use a smaller motor and smaller electronic components”, says Alexander Kaiser.

The lubrication takes place only in the area of the bearing of the shafts. This is separated from the pump chamber by a wear-free sealing system. Thus, neither lubricant nor particles penetrate into the pump chamber, thereby causing no deterioration of the final pressure or suction. This, in turn, results in only occasional maintenance (5 years), as appreciated in ultrahigh-vacuum applications. Users can focus on their experiments.

Equipped with two flexible interfaces, the pump can also be remotely controlled. When used in commercial analysis systems, the pump is integrated into the plant control system. Commands include: start, stop, vary speed and monitored as required.

As a result the ECODRY plus from Leybold is a modern, optimised vacuum pump, which is unrivalled in noise, cleanliness and maintenance requirements, offering best in class performance for today’s research applications.

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