Diagnostics using freeze drying systems

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Martin Christ Diagnostic test set example

Diagnostic test set example

In medicine the term ‘diagnostics’ refers to distinguishing features for the identification and differentiation of diseases. In the broader sense, this includes test sets for the quality control of food or other products or for monitoring environmentally relevant factors, such as substances contained within wastewater.

Rather unusual vessels are often used for this purpose, such as containers consisting of two or more chambers, deepwell plates, non-standard test tubes, etc.

Alpha 1-4 LSCplus Lyocube Freeze Dryer Package from John Morris Vacuum

Laboratory freeze dryer for drying specimens in MTPs and deepwell plates, which are widely used in diagnostics.

Christ and our affiliated company Sigma have developed a high level of expertise in this area for the adaption of basic systems and supply of suitable accessories. Some examples are radiant heat drying in situations where there is not sufficient contact surface for conventional shelf drying, or the provision or special formed metal carriers for pre-filled syringes.

As diagnostic aids are rarely used in vivo, but instead with specimens of body fluids (blood, urine or lymph fluid), the requirements for sterile production are less severe than for injectable products.
Nevertheless, clean production compliant with cGMB rules is necessary to ensure the correctness of the subsequent results.

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