Vacuum, thin film deposition, characterisation and gas detection specialists. Our customers range from academia R&D, government/defence research, Synchrotron/high energy physics and industrial. John Morris Group are proud to represent premium instrumentation from: Kurt J. Lesker, MKS Instruments, Vacuubrand, Leybold Vacuum, Martin Christ, SPECS, Vigor Gas Purification, Heidelberg Instruments and many more…

EnviroESCA Electron Spectroscopy

A new dimension in chemical surface analysis Building on pioneering developments of recent years SPECS GmbH has proudly released EnviroESCA from John Morris Scientific. This novel and smart analysis tool overcomes the barriers of standard XPS more


SAMCO RIE-400iPB Deep Silicon Etching System

The SAMCO RIE-400iPB is an inductively coupled plasma RIE system that uses high-density plasma to perform high speed silicon etching required in the fabrication of MEMS and electronic devices. The system, capable of etching up to 4” wafers, was more


TURBOLAB 80 Tabletop Turbomolecular Vacuum System

John Morris Scientific offers the Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum TURBOLAB 80, a new oil-free integrated tabletop high vacuum system that simplifies and accelerates the process of setting up experimental equipment and generating data. The plug-and-play more


How to produce Graphene one hundred times cheaper

Graphene has been hailed as a wonder material since it was first isolated from graphite in 2004. Graphene is just a single atom thick but it is flexible, stronger than steel, and capable of efficiently conducting heat and electricity. However, more


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