Vacuum, thin film deposition, characterisation and gas detection specialists. Our customers range from academia R&D, government/defence research, Synchrotron/high energy physics and industrial. John Morris Group are proud to represent premium instrumentation from: Kurt J. Lesker, MKS Instruments, Vacuubrand, Leybold Vacuum, Martin Christ, SPECS, Vigor Gas Purification, Heidelberg Instruments and many more…

How much do atoms vibrate in nanomaterials?

Practically all materials are comprised of vibrating atoms. These ‘phonons’ (vibrations) for example, are responsible for how an electric charge and heat is transferred in materials. Vibrations of metals, semiconductors, and insulators more


New: TURBOLAB Smart High Vacuum Pump System

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum, a leading global technology group from Switzerland, has created a new, smart high vacuum system for researchers. The TURBOLAB generation is a plug-and-play high vacuum system with an enhanced pump performance and boasts a more


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