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Drying environmental specimens with freeze drying

Drying environmental specimens Environmental samples are taken from the air, water, soil and sediments, vegetation and foods.  The environmental specimen bank collects, stores and analyses environmentally representative specimens. The samples are more


Freeze Drying in Laboratory Applications

Applications in the lab Freeze Drying in Laboratory Applications Trials with relatively small batches (approximately 100 vials, up to 3 kg bulk material) Including eutectic point determination, executing processes with customer-provided parameters more


Vacuum Evaporation, applications overview

Vacuum concentrators use a combination of heat, vacuum and centrifugal force for the evaporation of volatile samples. The method is used for evaporation, drying, purification and especially fast concentration. It takes advantage of the fact at more


Application overview of Lyophilisation

Lyophilisation, also called freeze drying, is by far the gentlest product drying method. It is based on the physical phenomenon of sublimation, which means a direct transition from the solid state to the vapour state without passing through the more


Freeze Drying Process Automation

Operator interface technology has always been paramount and together with innovative cooling technology it forms the basis for technology leadership in the industry. Freeze Dryer handling has been optimised over decades and focuses on the modern more


LSCplus – Advanced Applications

LSCplus – Advanced Applications from Martin Christ Key features: Intuitive operation with a colour touchscreen Fast change of drying settings and operating modes All set point values shown in a single screen Multilingual menus Selectable units: more


Freeze Drying Processes and Applications

What are Freeze Dryers mainly used for? Drying in round-bottom flasks, wide-neck filter bottles, ampoules, etc. (‘outside’ method).The product is pre-frozen externally in a freezer or a cooling bath and then connected to the freeze dryer more


Freeze Drying and Vacuum Concentration (RVC)

Vacuum concentration and freeze drying are closely related methods used for the gentle drying or preservation of thermally sensitive materials. It frequently involves the removal of aqueous media. As seen from the state diagram of water (right), more


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